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EasyCarSeat Inflatable child booster car seat for travel

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  • Easycarseat
  • 0.8 kg total weight
  • Fits in your handbag
  • Portable, light weight
  • Easily blows up
  • Booster car seat
  • For children 3 Years+

Child Travel Car Seat Solution

Published on 10.10.2011 in Articles

Child Travel Seat Solution – Easycarseat, The Inflatable Booster Seat

When it comes to our children, safety is of course the first thing we think about. When it comes to travelling with our children we have an obvious desire to ensure they are safe and comfortable.

Buying the right travel car seat can be a minefield and it can be time consuming and costly thing to do! We also find we may need two or even more child travel booster seats if we have more than one car in the family or perhaps need a seat for Grandparents to take our children in their car.

There is now an incredible solution to all of these issues in the form of the inflatable car booster seat.

Designed for children of approximately age 4 upwards, of a weight between 15 and 36kg, the inflatable car boster seat is a safe, convenient and flexible way to transport your children.

One of the other problems I’ve had with traditional travel car seats is where to store them when they aren’t being used. In the past I seemed to be constantly strapping and fixing the seat in, bringing it in and out of the house and struggling to find a space to keep it! An inflatable car seat solves this and it can literally fit in your glove compartment or even handbag.

Hiring a car booster seat while on holiday – which can also be expensive – is also solved with this great new product.

With regards to safety, the product complies fully with current EU and USA vehicle safety standards. The booster seat is secured in the rear of your vehicle using the standard three point seat belt. Comfort is of course very important for your child and the innovative design takes care of this, securing the child in a position perfect for long journeys or short.

The product comes with a two year warranty and with such a wide weight range capability is sure to last you as your child grows.

Family holidays are another time the inflatable car seat really proves its value. No more excess baggage charges! Simply pack your inflatable booster seat in a suitcase and you’re ready to install it in your hire car quickly and easily on arrival.

Don’t worry about the look of the product either – it comes in colours to suit a range of vehicle interiors and really does have an attractive design. A washing machine suitable seat cover is also available proving that the designers really have thought of everything the busy parent needs!

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