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EasyCarSeat Inflatable child booster car seat for travel


User Review by The National Parenting Centre;


Anyone who has ever traveled with a car seat on an airplane knows the hassle it can be. If your child is of booster seat age you may be able to graduate from that extra check-in item with this inflatable, lightweight, portable, collapsable seat.


This is not at all designed to replace your normal car seat or traditional booster.


It is ideal for emergencies when you

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and are short a car seat, or as mentioned earlier, traveling. When inflated it is very sturdy and supportive (from 40 to almost 80 pounds), kids mentioned that it was comfortable as well. Parents felt that the seat was durable and apart from a deliberate act of sabotage, it would not puncture.


When you find yourself taking a taxi or a bus, then bringing along the EasyCarSeat is a great idea.


Read the Easycarseat product review written by National Childminding Association Childminder Lucy Grogan…

The Easycarseat highback booster seat meets the very strict USA and EU laws relating to car seats for children!

Certified for use in vehicles in the European Union and approved by TUEV DEKRA.  U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) FMVSS 213.

  • UN ECE Regulation No.44.04., USA FMVSS 213
  • Safety test report No. 7/137 – DEKRA
  • Technical Report No. 120376-08-TAC
  • E8 Quality assured
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO/TS 16949
  • ISO 14001

The Easycarseat inflatable child booster car safety seat is officially approved for the use by children in Groups II and III, in the range of weights from 15 to 36 kg and was designed for use on any vehicle’s rear seat which is equipped with standard three-point seatbelts for adults.

It is a very easy to install sturdy booster car seat which is perfect for when you travel with children. Since the Easycarseat is portable and light weight there is no need to hire a car seat or booster seat at airports anymore.

You can take it with you anywhere! Voted the best “on the go” travel booster car seat!

Or have Easycarseat on standby in your second car and the grandparents’ car.

  • When you fly abroad
  • Rent a car
  • Use in taxis
  • Collecting children’s friends
  • Plastic carry case included
  • Pump is not required
  • Save space, time and worry

It is an inflatable car seat! You will appreciate the space saving feature when the child seat is not in use, when you use multiple cars or just want to have the piece of mind when your child travels in your parents’ car.


Features to look for when buying a booster car seat:

* Head support – The Easycarseat is a high back booster seat, thus it supports the child’s back and head.

* Security – Secured in car with adult seat belt which can be easily adjusted for comfortable positioning.



When you buy a booster car seat, it has a life spam of at least 5 Years. (Until your child is 12 years of age).

The Easycarseat may not be the lowest cost safety car seat, however it is definitely the only one which has a full high back and still light weight and compact enough so that it can be carried around in your handbag for when you travel on holidays.

Automobile interiors, mattresses and inflatable boats since 1952!

Design, manufacturing and the quality of material used to produce Easycarseat inflatable booster car seat for travel on family holidays is based on decades of relevant experience.

  • Synthetic textile fabric
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Minimum 5 year lifetime
  • Patented technology
  • Extra cover is available
  • Choose from 4 colours
  • Approved up to 36 Kg or 150 cm

If you have a sleeping mattress, inflatable bed or boat, chances are it’s been made by GUMOTEX.
Quality standards applied at GUMOTEX: ISO/TS 16949:2002 | ISO 9001:2000 | ISO 14001:2004.


If you travel a lot by plane and need a booster seat that can easily be hauled through an airport, an inflatable car seat is a great choice.

If you’re hoping to keep an older child in a booster as long as possible, the Easycarseat again comes out around the top due to its width, depth and height.


Designed with an automatic air pressure regulator and its adjustable seat belt height guide features it is extremely comfortable and comes with a minimum 5 year lifetime and 2 years warranty.



“Backless car booster seats do not give children enough protection in a crash, a study has found.”

Read more

Easy inflation and secure installation!

Install with your car’s standard three point safety belt system on the rear seats.

  • Use with standard 3 point safety belt
  • 3 fastening buckles ‘tridents’ supplied
  • Separate filling and pressure relief valves
  • Includes auto-regulator for optimal pressure
  • Seat belt strap holders
  • *3 Easycarseats fit into 1 car*

The Easycarseat blow up child car seat may be used only on the rear seats of cars for forward facing travel. Only approved three-point safety belts with strap leading over sides and shoulder can be used for child car safety seats.

*Only if the car’s rear seats are equipped with 3 separate three-point safety belt systems.


Where should the Easycarseat (or almost any other child booster seat be installed in a vehicle)?


Safety car seats need to be installed in the safest location in the car you’re using. We recommend that children stay in the back seat until they’re age 15, based on the newest research that we’ve seen.

So the booster seat should be installed in the back seat.

The center of the back seat is generally the safest location in the vehicle for the safety seat. However there are reasons sometimes not to use that position.

So, the first thing is to look at that location and see if the booster seat fits tightly there, and if the 3 point safety seat belt system that you have in that location for holding the booster seat in is appropriate for the age and size of your child.

Because proper fitting is key in car seat safety, these installation helpers may add safety for some people.

However, even the cheapest car booster seat in the store, with no extra features, has passed the basic crash tests and is safe for your child when fitted properly.

UK law states that every child under the age of 12 and shorter than 135cm must travel with a child seat or booster seat to help avoid serious injury in the event of a traffic collision.

The Easycarseat has been approved under the United Nations ECE Regulation R44/04 for safety for both Groups two and three.
It is designed for use with a standard three point adult seatbelt that has been approved to ECE Regulation 16 or equivalent.
USA, UK and EU Laws on Car Seats

Easycarseat - Inflatable portable car booster seat is UpFront